Little Things


So my boyfriend and me fight…a lot! Like probably too much over little things…
But to me the little stuff is why counts!! The little kisses, little hugs, little squeezes, little laughs, tiny smiles…
The little things matter in BIG ways. Little things only stay little for long untell something else



and something else. Then all those “little” things become one huge thing… 👌👊
So nip the problem in the butt before it gets so big you can’t Handel it..

Something New

So I began to blog..
I never thought I’d be a blogger.
This is different, but I expect to Like it pretty well. Maybe I should tell you about myself? I don’t know, I’m very new at this!! Well I’m Cheyanne ❤ I am a fan of writing to the MAX!!! I am pretty out going, very weird👌 but friendly too. Currently I am watching the 4th season of True Blood 💀 one of the many shows I have gotten obsessed with. I love music, and even art. Books are loves 👅 I have a very amazing boyfriend named Zach, 4 Pitt Bulls; Molly, Chaos, Hara, & Zeus & also a very tiny chihuahua ❤  💙 my life is simple & its nice. ✌